Feel-good massage

At Gut Royum ​​you have the opportunity to invite a masseuse directly to your cozy apartment. Let yourself be pampered with a holistic energetic massage. The deep relaxation can help to well-being and stress reduction and stimulate the body’s ability to self-healing. The combination of Eastern and Western massage practice, as well as classical massage handles, make them particularly effective.

Mrs. Sophie Lorenzen offers the following massages:

Partial body massage (30 – 60 minutes)
Full body massage (60 – 120 minutes)
Exit massage (30 minutes)
Acupressure (45 minutes)

On einfach Schön you will find more information. You can arrange the dates through us or directly with Mrs. Lorenzen on 0160-5835535. The massages take place in your apartment or if you have booked one of our double rooms, we will make you comfortable in our lounge, so you can retire here.

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